Qianli iDFU Go 2ndGen Quick Startup DFU Error Recovery Booster 8 Pin iPhone iPad

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Quick Flash Start
Directly enter recovery mode, Support all IOS devices with lightning interface

1: 2.8 seconds to enter DFU mode with no keystrokes
2: Quickly adapt to the new IOS system. New models. No upgrade required
3: Brush directly after entering DFU. No need to change cables

Plug and play DFU - Auto update
Qianli iDFU supports the system above ios10.0, but does not support the system below ios 10.0
1. Turn off the iPhone completely
2. Plug the Apple USB cable into the iDFU GO module
3. Plug the Apple USB cable into the computer
4. Insert the IDFU GO module into the iphone phone
5. iphone 5s / 6 / 6p / 6s6SP models and below. The phone needs to press the power button and connect at the same time
6. After waiting for 3 ~ 10 seconds, the iPhone will automatically enter the recovery mode

If it still does not work, it is recommended that you change the data cable, the best data cable is the original.